Jahreszeiten - was macht
Due to the different seasons with their different weather conditions or a change in the weather, the condition of our skin also changes. It feels dry, tense and irritated. Impurities or pimples also often bother us.

But why is that? How can you support your skin to find its natural balance again?

Our skin constantly releases moisture into the environment. This natural process is called transepidermal water loss. In very dry climates, the skin loses more moisture or releases it into the environment. Summer and winter are particularly challenging for our skin. In the transition from summer to autumn, for example, the air is particularly dry. Heated rooms place additional stress on our skin barrier. Extreme cold also takes its toll on the skin. When temperatures fall, our glands produce less skin oil. Since the skin lacks this, moisture evaporates even faster from the surface of our skin. The skin itches, feels tight and small cracks can even appear.

How can you best support your skin? I have put together a few tips for you for every season:


Less is more. Spring in particular is the time for detoxification. That's why I (actually always) recommend natural care products without fragrances, without parabens and without alcohol. Cold-pressed organic oils are wonderful for caring for sensitive skin. To cleanse, I recommend a mild cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin any further. Our Intensive Serum Age Protect is suitable for building up the skin barrier. The serum moisturizes, builds up the natural skin barrier and supports with the natural amino acid ectoine. Our facial care with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera as well as the eye care with evening primrose oil and wild rose oil are ideal moisturizers. Especially in spring, the light cucumber seed oil is a good addition to the care routine after applying your day cream (or simply add a few drops to your cream)


In summer your skin is particularly affected by the sun and dryness. I recommend a refreshing citrus thyme body lotion for your body - thyme also has a disinfecting effect. Moisturizers for your face include our facial care with Hyualuron and the Intensive Serum Age Protect . A facial tonic refreshes in hot temperatures and is an additional moisture booster underneath the cream. Our face cream light for normal and combination skin is a particularly light facial care product. The light formula provides your skin with intensive moisture and ensures a smooth and balanced complexion.


When temperatures drop, the skin's sebum production decreases. I now recommend our facial care oils depending on your skin type ( Age Protect - dry skin, Avellana oil - as natural sun protection and cucumber seed oil for combination and normal skin. In addition, the serum with red algae helps to regenerate your skin. Our facial care cream and eye care with hyaluronic acid are the natural moisturizers. Our face cream with hyaluronic acid and red algae protects against the increasingly cold days. The richer cream also contains shea butter and is particularly suitable for dry skin.


The strong temperature fluctuations and dry air put extreme strain on your skin. This puts a strain on the protective layer of your skin. I recommend our face cream with hyaluronic acid and red algae and our Age Protect facial care oil. In the evening and morning, our Age Protect serum helps regenerate the skin barrier. Our Body Lotion - Repair & Protect with almond oil is suitable for the body. This also helps against itching for dry skin.