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Your feedback on our products at cœur de beauté has overwhelmed us and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your opinion and honesty are very important to us, which is why you will only find real and verified comments from customers. We want you to be completely satisfied with our products and promise you full transparency.

I'll start with the tonic :
Actually, after cleansing, my skin feels tense and I always feel the need to apply cream. Using the tonic has made this completely unnecessary. The spray bottle is very practical and while everything is drying, for example. Time to blow-dry your hair... the skin doesn't feel tight anymore! So absolutely 10 points for that!!!

We continue with the day cream :
The consistency is absolutely amazing. It's super easy to apply, economical, fragrance-free and very well tolerated! At the beginning I had the need to use more cream, but that quickly subsided...
For me it is ideal under make-up because it is not greasy and shiny :-) and still provides moisture. The dry areas around the mouth and nose are also gone.

After 4 weeks of testing, around 1/3 of the products have been used up, so I could easily get by with them for 3-4 months. So price-performance is absolutely the same. All in all, 10 out of 10!

Anke S. 49 years old

I took some time to rate it, dear Sabine 🥰

Cleansing emulsion : wonderful creamy texture, nourishes when cleansing, the skin is beautifully rosy and fresh afterwards.

Tonic : fine, delicate spray mist, intensively moisturizes, refreshes, tender skin.

Serum white tea : soft, moisturized skin, clear complexion with finer pores.

Age Protect Oil: super economical to use, smoothes, nourishes, soothes really well.

Aloe face cream : intensively moisturizing, slightly smoothing, mixes perfectly with oil, making it a wonderful oil cream.

Eye care cream : refreshes the eye area, with a touch of OIL underneath to super nourish at night.

All in all, a well calmed Pro Age line that stands up to my couperose, lets it subside and calms it down.
The consumption is incredibly economical, after 4 weeks not even a third has been used.

Anja P. 51 years old

cœur de beauté product experience from customerscœur de beauté experience of customers afterwards
Since puberty, I have regularly struggled with blemishes and dry skin that tends to redden. Thanks to the products from cœur de beauté, my skin has become significantly more even, it appears better moisturized and less dry. I feel that the effect not only leads to a smoother appearance, but also results in fewer breakouts. I got the dryness of my skin well under control, especially with the mild cleansing emulsion with almond oil in combination with the Repair & Protect facial care with red algae and hyaluronic acid. The toner with niacinamide also provides a boost of freshness every now and then. Overall, I can really do something good for my “problem skin” with cœur de beauté!

Anna S. 31 years old

Healthy glow with cœur de beauté!

My dry skin was completely regulated by mixing the Anti Aging Serum and the Age Protect Care Oil .
My redness on my cheeks is also significantly less after 4 weeks. Perfect spring-time finish for healthy, beautiful skin. My skin also feels so soft and velvety. Simply lovely thanks to the extremely low-irritant formulation.
I'm so happy to have found cœur de beauté.

Sandra H. 36 years old

Since I started using cœur de beauté skin care products, my sensitive, dry skin has become noticeably calmer and cleaner!
It's also great that many creams and serums slow down the aging process in a natural, well-groomed way 😊.

Bianca H.