mit empfindlicher Haut durch den Herbst mit coeur de beauté aus Berlin

Colorful leaves and cool wind: it's autumn!

A new season begins for your skin , which it first has to adjust to. Things are not always easy for particularly sensitive skin. Here I'll tell you what your skin needs to change.

Even if skin care is routine, the same processes only work to a limited extent. Just as your skin condition changes again and again, external influences also change with the seasons. In the cold half of the year, temperature and humidity decrease. Added to this is the heating air. It's not just sensitive skin that reacts sensitively to this interaction. However, this requires very special care.

Thanks to my personal experience with rosacea and the development of the right products, I now know exactly how important it is to adapt my care seasonally.

Change correctly

When it comes to care, lipid-containing recipes are in demand from autumn onwards, as is an extra portion of moisture in the form of serums or masks with hyaluronic acid. Red algae can alleviate irritation and redness. And probiotics are optimal for building the skin barrier .

However, I ask you to do this carefully when making any adjustments to your care routine. You should definitely switch over slowly so that your skin does not react with impurities or irritation. For example, I first incorporate a richer cream or serum into my routine at night. Depending on your skin type, it is often enough to add a few drops of high-quality oil to your usual serum or cream.

I advise real sensitive people to try it out. Particularly for rosacea-sensitive skin, care must be taken to ensure that the cream does not contain too much oil to avoid heat build-up.

For some customers a richer serum is enough, some do better with a richer cream. Even if there have been no symptoms so far: With menopause, the skin can suddenly become more sensitive due to hormones and react to the seasonal change with redness and burning. I advise women in particular to listen to the way your skin feels!

And here come my autumn favorites:

CLEANSING EMULSION with almond oil & quince

Thorough cleansing is essential so that your complexion can freely absorb the valuable active ingredients of the subsequent care. This facial cleansing has a moisturizing, regenerative effect and is so gentle that it is even recommended for daily cleansing of very dry skin. Organic almond oil makes you supple and is particularly compatible with sensitive and irritated skin. Quince extract has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and irritated skin.

INTENSIVE SERUM with hyaluronic acid & red algae

The perfect combination for autumn: red algae, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. Red algae stabilizes the skin's protective barrier, smoothes and softens small wrinkles. Aloe vera has a moisturizing and calming effect. The effective mixture of high, medium and low molecular hyaluronic acid firms and regenerates dehydrated skin and helps to reduce wrinkles. Last but not least: The probiotics contained were developed to protect sensitive skin. The microorganisms activate your skin's natural protective function, soothe it and strengthen the skin barrier.

FACIAL CARE with hyaluronic acid & red algae

The rich face cream protects the skin with a valuable mixture of active ingredients: red algae stabilizes the skin's protective barrier, smoothes and softens small wrinkles. High, medium and low molecular hyaluronic acid tightens and regenerates dehydrated skin and helps to reduce wrinkles. Probiotics primarily protect sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier. Shea butter and plum seed oil soothe and nourish sustainably. This cream can also be used as a night cream if it is too rich as a day cream.

BODYLOTION Repair & Protect with almond oil

The body also wants extensive care in autumn. The Repair & Protect body lotion protects the skin with a valuable mixture of shea butter, almond oil, plum seed oil and jojoba oil. It has a calming effect and builds up the skin's protective barrier. Probiotic active ingredients bring the skin's protective layer into a natural balance, while jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and increases skin elasticity.