Scents surround us almost everywhere. Not just in cosmetic products. This can be stressful for some people. It is now becoming increasingly known that synthetic fragrances in particular, but also essential oils, pose a high risk of allergies. Since we develop our products especially for sensitive skin and ensure that they are suitable for all skin types, we do not use fragrances.

There is also another effect. If you avoid essential oils or perfume oils, you can avoid using a so-called solubilizer (emulsifier for fragrances). This refers to aqueous formulations such as serums or facial toners. Since water and oil are known to not mix well, an “intermediary” is needed to get the scent into solution. This means that with serums and facial toners without fragrances, you can leave out the “solventizer” and develop a very reduced formulation in which the active ingredients are the main focus. All skin, especially sensitive and irritated skin, benefits from low-irritation care without fragrances.