Gurkensamenöl für unreine Haut

Cucumber Seed Oil - Pampers all skin types

Cucumber seed oil (Cucumis sativus seed oil) is obtained by gently cold pressing the cucumber seeds. It is a rare and valuable facial oil that is really suitable for every skin type.

This is how it works:

  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory for impure skin and acne
  • Cooling for sunburn
  • Moisturizing for dry skin
  • Firming for mature skin
Cold-pressed organic cucumber seed oil is characterized by its very high content of linoleic acid, minerals and phytosterols. These strengthen the lipid barrier, leaving the skin moisturized, elastic and smooth. Thanks to the valuable active ingredients, the facial oil is even helpful for skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

Cucumber seed oil can also provide relief from sunburn. You can best use this precious oil pure after cleansing and in conjunction with a facial toner, or simply add a few drops to your facial care. This gives your skin an extra portion of plant power!

Cucumber seed oil is rich in: vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin C and the minerals potassium, magnesium and silicon. Cucumber seed oil  is non-comedogenic. This makes it ideal for caring for impure skin.

Fatty acid composition: Linoleic acid approx. 69%, palmitic acid 12%, oleic acid approx. 12%, stearic acid approx. 7.0%