Avellana Öl - natürlicher UV Schutz für strapazierte, trockene und gereizte Haut

Basically, as a manufacturer of high-quality organic oils, we are of course convinced that high-quality vegetable oils are the most effective components of a skin care product. In natural cosmetics, native plant lipids are intensively acting ingredients with diverse cosmetic properties. A good reason for us to introduce you to different oils in more detail.

Avellana oil is pressed from Chilean hazelnuts and has a delicate, slightly earthy scent. Particularly noteworthy is the exceptionally high proportion of palmitoleic acid. This is part of our skin and is therefore particularly well absorbed by the body. Sensitive and mature skin in particular benefit from this.

Avellana Oil naturally contains sun protection. It directly counteracts skin aging. Light and age-related pigment spots fade and their spread is prevented.

Avellana Oil spreads very well on the skin and is absorbed immediately, smoothing out wrinkles and strengthening the connective tissue. In summary,Avellana Oil is an extremely well-tolerated oil that can also be used very well on irritated, irritated and neurodermitic skin. The oil is haptically a very light oil, which absorbs very quickly into the skin and leaves no greasy shine.

I have found that when my skin has dried out from the sun and wind, this oil has an immediate relaxing effect on the skin. The skin feels soft and soothed again.

Avellana Oil can be used in the morning and evening. After cleansing, the oil can be used on its own, or you can simply add a few drops of the oil to your daily moisturizer. Please don't forget to add the appropriate moisturizer . Our skin needs both: moisture and oil.