Der Wirkstoff Aquaxyl

Tiefgreifende Hydratisierung Deiner Haut

Nachhaltiger Feuchtigkeitsspender: Lang anhaltende Verbesserung der Hautfeuchtigkeitsspeicherung.

Verbessert den Feuchtigkeitshaushalt Deiner Haut

Mildert Spannungs- und Trockenheitsgefühle

Schützt Deine Haut vor dem Austrocknen

Lang anhaltende Wirkung für eine tiefgreifende Hydratisierung der Haut

What is Aqaxyl?

Aquaxyl consists of three main ingredients, all of which are plant-based:

  1. Xylitol: It is a sugar alcohol that has moisturizing properties and helps improve the skin's moisture balance.
  2. Anhydroxylitol: This is also a sugar alcohol that has moisturizing properties similar to xylitol and supports skin hydration.
  3. Xylityl glucoside: It is a sugar compound that helps regulate skin moisture levels and strengthen the skin barrier.

These three ingredients are combined to form the active ingredient Aquaxyl, popular for its moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Good to know: Aquaxyl® is made from renewable raw materials and is therefore particularly suitable for use in natural cosmetics.

The effect on your skin:

Aquaxyl has a moisturizing effect and improves the moisture balance of your skin. It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates the formation of aquaporins, which enable the transport of water in and out of the cells. This leads to improved water circulation, relieves feelings of tension and dryness and protects the skin from drying out. Aquaxyl promotes deep skin hydration that lasts long after use.