Der Wirkstoff

Slow Age für sensible Haut

Aktiv gegen die Zeichen vorzeitiger Hauteralterung mit der Kraft des Meeres

Beruhigt Deine Haut und mindert Rötungen und Entzündungen

Stärkt und stabilisiert Deine Hautschutzbarriere

Unterstützt und schützt Dein Hautmikrobiom vor den täglichen Belastungen

Glättet und mildert Fältchen

Red algae for slow age cœur de beauté

What is red algae?

Red algae are a diverse group of seaweeds. Among the algae species, red algae and their subspecies are far more common than all other algae species combined. Red algae are often characterized by a red color, which is due to the presence of phycobiliproteins. These proteins play an important role in photosynthesis.

The effect on your skin:

Cream for rosacea sensitive skin from cœur de beauté Red algae has remarkable properties that have a positive effect on your skin. In particular, it protects sensitive skin from harmful influences such as UV radiation, environmental pollution and other stress factors. Thanks to its calming properties, red algae leads to visibly less neurogenic inflammation and redness on the skin. It also enables the microbiome to restore the healthy balance more quickly and effectively. In addition, the red algae slows down the skin aging process and helps your skin look young and vital for longer. Its diverse effects make red algae a valuable ingredient in our skin care products, especially for rosacea-sensitive and dry skin.