Was ist Rosacea

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease of the face that primarily affects the cheeks, nose and forehead. The fine vessels of these skin areas are dilated and reddened in these areas. The eyes can also be affected.

Unfortunately, the causes of this skin disease are still unknown. It usually occurs between the ages of 30 and 40 for the first time. The disease usually progresses in phases and is triggered by various factors. More women are affected than men.

At the beginning there are usually the so-called flushes. Sudden, fleeting reddening of the skin, mostly in the cheek area. These are often triggered by stress, alcohol, spicy food or sudden temperature fluctuations or excessive exposure to the sun. Dryness, burning and patchy skin peeling usually occur later.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that cannot be cured. But with certain measures, the complexion can be significantly improved.

Strong sunlight, alcohol and spicy food should be avoided. However, many sufferers have to find out for themselves what triggers a flare-up.

The right skin care can also have a major impact on the complexion. Skin plagued by rosacea needs care that is low in irritation and does not additionally irritate and irritate the skin. The dermatologist usually prescribes antibiotic creams and ointments. These can also be helpful in an acute attack, but usually dry out the skin even more. Azelaic acid, which is actually used to treat acne, can also be tried for rosacea. For daily skin care we recommend the following:

  • Use of mild cleaning products with gentle sugar surfactants
  • Avoid too frequent contact with water . The water should be cold to lukewarm. Water that is too hot also irritates the skin
  • No mechanical peelings , not too much friction and pressure when cleaning the skin.
  • When it comes to skin care, use moisturizing products . If products contain too much fat, heat builds up under the cream.
  • Alcohol, perfume and fragrances should definitely be avoided.
  • Sunscreen with a high level of mineral light protection should always be used, especially in summer.

Which products can we recommend for rosacea:

  • Mild cleaning products without fragrances and without alcohol
  • Mild enzyme peelings are suitable as a peeling, especially without mechanical peeling bodies.
  • With a tonic , the skin can be supplied with the necessary moisture. Here, too, make sure that it contains no alcohol and no fragrances.
  • Water-based serums without fat/oil content are the ideal moisturizing care. Aloe vera also cools and soothes the skin. Probiotic active ingredients help to build up the skin's protective layer naturally. The signs of inflammation that appear in rosacea are mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria . Here, probiotic agents can help to strengthen the skin barrier.
  • The subsequent cream should definitely have a high water content with a low fat content. This should consist of high-quality organic oils that have a skin-soothing effect.

Our skin as a mirror of our soul

You can see that again very clearly here. Every skin is individual and every affected person has to find out for themselves what the triggers are. Trust yourself and your body. Once the triggers have been found and avoided, you can regain a calm and healthy complexion with the right skin care.