Our story

coeur de beauté stands for high-quality and vegan natural cosmetics made in Berlin

coeur de beauté stands for high quality and vegan natural cosmetics made in Berlin, pure and pure and only from the best ingredients. It offers sustainable active ingredient care, compatibility and low-irritant formulations that do without everything that is unnecessary - just not on effectiveness. The way there was characterized by knowledge and consistency.

“Like probably most women, I was looking for “the” right cream for a long time. It should be vegan, definitely not tested on animals. I no longer wanted to do parabens, fragrances and other unnecessary chemical additives to my sensitive skin. The solution was obvious: I tested the wonderful effect of precious oils from our own factory on my skin. The idea of ​​my own cosmetics line was born.”

Sabine Stempfhuber, founder and management

I was a classic perfumery customer until the age of 30, only then did I start to take a closer look. The more I dealt with conventional cosmetics, the less it came into question for me, be it in terms of the ingredients or the subject of animal testing. So I switched my care to natural cosmetics and tried many things. But my skin rebelled because it couldn't cope with the variety of essential oils. And on closer inspection, the frequent use of refined oils didn't seem right either. There had to be a better way.

Manufactured by heart

The oil factory has been part of our owner-managed family business since 2013. Before that, my husband Frank and I worked in management consulting and controlling. Berlin meant a new start for us - first with herbs, then with the oil mill and finally with cosmetics: In 2017 I discovered the added value of our products for the skin. It was pure food grade apricot kernel oil, which I initially used as a body oil. The oil comes from the kernel, more precisely from the heart of the apricot. This is how we came up with the name of our brand: coeur de beauté - "Heart of Beauty".

I was fascinated by the topic of oils and their effect on the skin. From then on I studied them extensively and used them in many ways. This is how natural oils became the heart of our organic care - and they are still the basis of all our recipes today. Other ingredients that we do not produce ourselves are exclusively sourced in Germany.

I developed our first products, facial care oils and body butter, entirely by myself. Only when it came to the production of the creams did we look for an experienced producer. The other products were created together with him in the laboratory. 

Effective, minimalist, tolerable

Basically, we prefer to choose raw materials for which there is already evidence of their effectiveness on the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, hemp oil or niacinamide. You don't need to do your own research - for us, that too is a form of sustainability.

We have set ourselves the goal of developing products that are highly effective and contain as few ingredients as possible. We are able to do this, for example, thanks to the cold-pressed organic oils, which already have an effect due to their natural composition. Active ingredients must first be added to refined or mineral oils. We can do without that. The situation is similar with the fragrances: since we do not scent most of our products, the formulations do not require any additional emulsifiers.

The high level of tolerability of our low-irritant formulations is particularly important to us. Therefore, the following applies to our range: little or no fragrances, no alcohol and, for example, no vitamin C or retinol. There are great alternatives that are also suitable for very sensitive skin. One of our favorites is Matt Bean Extract, a powerful natural ingredient that boosts collagen production without irritating the complexion. The only exception is the blue series, which was created based on our first hand cream with the scent of citrus and thyme. Our customers found the natural perfume so great that we have developed further products with it on request. Here, however, only pure, natural essential oils are used, which we dose conscientiously.

Meet the Founders

coeur de beauté is Sabine and Frank's heart project. While he mainly takes care of technology, sales and the website, she develops the products, controls purchasing, creates design and packaging - and also answers your questions in our skin consultation .