Rosacea Selbsttest

Take the rosacea self-test and find out whether you are a rosacea type!

If you have not yet received an official diagnosis of rosacea from a dermatologist, you can do the following self-test. Any question that you can answer with “yes” could indicate that you suffer from this chronic inflammatory skin disease.

Please note that this self-test serves only as a guide and does not replace a specialist diagnosis. If you suspect you have rosacea or have already experienced symptoms, it is advisable to see a dermatologist who can carry out a detailed examination and diagnosis.

  1. Do you belong to the following skin types? Celtic type with strikingly light skin, often lots of freckles, the hair is slightly reddish or light blonde. or the light-skinned type , not quite as pale as the Celtic type, blonde hair and blue or green eyes.
  2. Would you describe your skin as particularly sensitive?
  3. Do you suffer from recurring redness on your face that occurs under certain conditions such as heat, sun exposure, stress or after eating spicy foods and lasts for a long time?
  4. Do you have extensive redness and enlarged capillaries in the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose areas?
  5. Are stubborn and occasionally itchy pustules on your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose a problem for you?
  6. Does your skin often burn and feel tight?
  7. Are you older than 30 years?
  8. Are you sensitive to light and suffer from red, dry or inflamed eyes or eyelids?
  9. Have other family members already been diagnosed with rosaces or are suffering from similar symptoms?
  10. Did the symptoms first appear during a period of hormonal change (menopause, pregnancy)?