Slow Age für sensible Haut mit der Kraft der Rotalge - coeur de beauté Berlin

How does Slow Age work for sensitive skin?

The exposome is the interaction of different influences on the skin:

UV rays, pollution and blue light can cause environmental damage.

Improper skin care, an unhealthy lifestyle, nicotine, alcohol and lack of sleep affect the complexion behaviorally.

And last but not least, hormones that influence pregnancy or menopause, for example, also leave their mark.

The interaction of these factors can negatively affect our largest organ. The consequences: sensitive skin, irritation, a premature loss of firmness as well as wrinkles, fine lines and the resulting premature aging of the skin.

Slowing down skin aging: That is the Slow Aging approach. If you take good care of yourself and your skin and meet its needs, you can tell by looking at it.

Our new Skin Nourishing range with red algae strengthens and stabilizes the skin barrier to protect it from exposome-related damage and premature signs of aging. We developed the fragrance-free series especially for sensitive skin, so that you can literally feel good in it. feels, no matter what age.