Probiotics in skin care products

Probiotic cosmetics for healthy and beautiful skin.

Our intestinal flora consists of around 100 trillion microorganisms. These bacteria are of great importance to our health. If our intestinal flora is out of balance, we use probiotic yoghurt, for example, to rebuild the intestinal flora.

Our skin is also home to up to 7 billion bacteria that form the natural skin flora. If this is intact, we feel comfortable in our own skin. Our skin can become imbalanced due to various factors such as stress, environmental pollution or incorrect care. Without an intact microbiome, the skin is less protected from environmental attacks. So the "wrong" bacteria have an easy time, multiply and attack our skin. Our skin reacts with redness, irritation, itching, impure skin or dry skin areas. The balance of the ecosystem of our skin is then no longer in balance - our skin barrier is weakened.

This is exactly where probiotic care products can help. By adding "good" bacteria (probiotics) to skin care products, the "bad" bacteria are pushed out again. The natural, protective skin flora can be rebuilt.

Skin care based on probiotic active ingredients is therefore a promising way to have a positive effect on sensitive, dry and irritated skin. The Lactobacillus genus of bacteria is used in the coeur de beauté probiotic skincare products . A natural bacterium that is also very common in fermented foods and is known for its positive effect in probiotic treatment.