vegane Naturkosmetik aus Berlin

Because your beauty is important to you and to us, we strive for the greatest possible naturalness.
In order to meet this requirement, it was important to us to create even more transparency for our customers with a sophisticated and credible seal. For this reason, we chose NCS and had our products certified as vegan natural cosmetics. Certification and annual testing is carried out via ECO Control.
Products that bear the NCS seal are tested in detail and meet the highest quality standards. NCS's strict guidelines guarantee that these are genuine natural cosmetics. We chose NCS - Natural Cosmetic Standard because we want our customers to be able to trust the quality, integrity and purity of each coeur de beauté product. NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) labels natural cosmetics for humans and animals. The seal is awarded by the Society for Applied Business Ethics (GfaW). However, the additional categories ORGANIC and VEGAN can also be awarded. This means you can not only identify natural cosmetics, but also specifically organic and vegan products.

And now in detail: Products with the NCS quality seal are...

at least of natural origin and, depending on the claim, also vegan
and/or organic

certain oils must be organic

free from microplastics
free from genetic engineering

free from parabens, silicones, PEGs and Phthalates

free from radioactive radiation
free from synthetics Fragrances n and extractant n

with certified palm oil
If nanomaterials, then only coated ones particles

u menvironmentally friendly packed up (reusable or with high e r
recyclability )

The production of NCS products is checked annually by an independent body . Not only that, also this criteria will also regularly on the Claim to label natural and environmentally friendly products controlled and , If necessary, the content is adjusted, expanded and tightened.