This 100% pure facial care oil Age Protect is the dream for all skincare purists!

Our anti-aging organic facial oil for mature and rather dry skin supports your skin's collagen production and regenerates it. The natural ingredients nourish the skin and ensure a smooth and even complexion. All ingredients are organic and full of valuable fatty acids.

Our Age Protect facial oil for rejuvenated skin.

  • Wild rose oil supports skin regeneration like no other oil and promotes collagen production. It stimulates cell renewal and is an excellent oil for dry and mature skin. It has a revitalizing and smoothing effect.
  • Apricot kernel oil makes the skin supple and is particularly well tolerated by sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Jojoba oil is moisturizing and increases skin elasticity.
  • Plum kernel oil - has a light, fine marzipan smell, protects the skin barrier, is cell regenerating and restorative.
  • Grape seed oil - has an antioxidant effect and renews the skin.

My personal tip: With the facial oil I can easily compensate for daily fluctuations in my skin. If it feels particularly dry or irritated, I add a few drops of the facial oil to my serum and apply it to the skin together. The facial oil and the serum are absorbed very well and my skin is happy about the extra care.